Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mel Gibson ... The Conspiracy?

It was an interesting time when The Passion of The Christ came out in theaters. I remember I was in like, 8th or 9th grade and I saw it... It's not really something I consider a ''film.'' It's not critic-proof, so in that sense it's an actual film. I dunno though, it's still up for debate.

However, this blog entry is in fact, not about The Passion Of The Christ. No, it's not even necessarily about something of substance. But it's an interesting thought...

Mel Gibson was accused of Anti-Semetism after releasing the film, as it portrayed Jews as the ones who killed Jesus. There are many theories ... conspiracy theories, I should say...

Which leads me to my next point. Mel Gibson was in a film called Conspiracy Theory. Coincidence? I dunno. Conspiracy is planning to commit an illegal act at a future time. Perhaps he was trying to send us a message when he acted in CT. Who knows?

Well, there is one thing I do know: Mel Gibson can never be forgiven for the atrocity that was and is What Women Want. Goodness sir, you wore flippin' stockings and and women's clothes ... just a few years before you were leading your people to victory in Scotland winning battles left and right and being an actual man ... but you let us down.

I think Mel Gibson is guilty of conspiracy. While filming Braveheart, he was probably thinking, "Oh man, I'll blow America away with my directing skills and then screw 'em over when I'm washed out with nothin' left in my creative noggin."

Well played Mr. Gibson. Well played.

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