Monday, September 28, 2009

Move B--ch, Get Out Da' Way

I was at a wedding this weekend and heard this song by an upset, melancholy fellow named Ludacris, and he sang this song which repeats the line "Move, bitch, get out da' way..." every couple stanzas ... essentially it's the chorus. I like to think that when Mr. Ludacris sings this song, he's in a really big hurry to get somewhere and he comes to a small hallway that is just big enough to squeeze through without getting stuck. He's just about to rush through the crevice when all the sudden he notices a 2-legged female dog on the ground blocking his path, and the song is written as a reflection on his frustration that there is this bitch (female dog) blocking his way and he just can't get the darn thing to move because it's only got two legs and definitely not getting anywhere fast. I was sad watching the video and seeing that this situation was not the case, as he was in fact referring angrily to other people in a traffic jam. I don't regret giving the chap the benefit of the doubt. However, I do regret taking the time to watch his video and in the process, experiencing the decomposition and eventual decay of my interpretation of that song... That, dear readers, and Mr. Ludacris, is something that cannot be undone.
Maybe its cynicism. Maybe its idealistic. Maybe I'm just naive.
But where are we as a society (and a community, albeit very dysfunctional and diluted) when the theme of an entire song revolves around expressing anger at someone by calling them a ''bitch'' and telling them to "move?" Should we be proud? Excited? Depressed? Distraught? Upset? I can't say for sure.
I do know though, that maybe if Ludacris asked somebody to move nicely and without the attitude, disrespect, and profanity, maybe somebody'd move? It's called courtesy. Gatorade's wanted to make commercials about this very issue...
"Courtesy ... is it in you?"
It's okay Ludacris, you don't need to answer the question. You've already told us your take on courtesy loud and clear in your music, yo'.

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